Which Build Is Right For You in Genshin Impact?

In this exposition on Genshin Impact, we are set to navigate the vast landscape of possible builds to find the one that aligns perfectly with your gameplay. As we celebrate the first year of Genshin Impact’s triumphant journey, I deemed it appropriate to create a comprehensive guide for the builds I’ve established, aiding players in choosing their ideal fit. It’s not always a clear-cut decision on how to select the most effective build for you or your squad; this involves a multitude of factors. From the numerous discussions I’ve seen on Reddit and the community Discord – such as “Given these characters, how do I build the right teams?” or “With these characters at my disposal, which others should I hope for?” – it was evident that a guide like this would be instrumental in answering those questions. This should enable you to construct your unique team, particularly if you’re a Free to Play user.

Genshin Impact: Uncovering Your Perfect Build

The initial step in identifying your Genshin Impact build is straightforward and centers on the characters you presently possess and the number of constellations you have for them. This holds especially true for the four-star characters. This consideration should be at the forefront of your mind when crafting your team or selecting from our recommended builds.

Characters Assured for Every Player

As a gacha game, Genshin Impact relies heavily on chance for acquiring new characters and weapons. While this may be a bitter pill to swallow for those adverse to in-game gambling, it’s merely part of the larger picture. In spite of the gacha system, Genshin Impact guarantees all players a substantial array of characters simply by engaging with the game. All players are given seven characters, with additional ones rewarded for completing events. As a player, your collection expands over time and as you finish more events.

Genshin Impact’s Seven Complimentary Characters

The game ensures that each player has access to at least one free character aligned with one of the six playable elements, with a bonus Pyro character. They also span all five weapon archetypes, providing a diverse starter kit. The free characters you receive are:

  1. Main Characters (Anemo/Geo/Electro) – Sword users.
  2. Amber (Pyro) – Bow user.
  3. Kaeya (Cryo) – Sword user.
  4. Lisa (Electro) – Catalyst user.
  5. Noelle (Geo) – Claymore user.
  6. Barbara (Hydro) – Catalyst user.
  7. Xiangling (Pyro) – Polearm user.

From these characters, Kaeya and Xiangling stand out as they can assume the role of the main damage dealer with minimal investment. They tend to serve better in a support role, supplementing another character’s power for an elevated DPS output. In the grand scheme, they represent the best free characters to invest in for both immediate and long-term gameplay. Conversely, Noelle can transition into a damage dealer in the endgame with significant investment, particularly at (C6). Barbara serves as a fitting healer for several teams, though not the optimal choice for this role. Lisa loses her appeal beyond the early stages of the game unless you lack other Electro characters.

The Main Character (the Traveler) excels as a support in both Anemo and Geo elements, assuming you lack a five-star substitute. However, the Electro MC falls short when compared to four-star supports in most situations.

Understanding the unique abilities of your starting characters is crucial for laying the foundation for your final build selection from the gacha banner options in the future.

Character Additions Through Events

Throughout Genshin Impact’s existence, MiHoYo has generously distributed numerous four-star characters as event rewards. During the game’s first-anniversary event, they are gifting a five-star character from a collaborative event across all platforms. Playstation users received Aloy in Patch 2.1. The characters distributed include:

  1. Fischl (Electro) – Bow user from Patch 1.1 event.
  2. A choice of one from the following: Xiangling, Xinyan, Chongyun, Beidou, Ningguang, Xingqiu – Patch 1.3 event.
  3. Diona (Cryo) – Bow user from Patch 1.5 event.
  4. Beidou (Electro) – Claymore user from Patch 2.0 event.
  5. Aloy (Cryo) – Five-star Bow user, from Patch 2.1 for PlayStation, and Patch 2.2 for PC and Mobile.

The characters you possess from this list depend on your game-start date and the number of completed events. These characters offer greater utility and can adapt to a broader range of team combinations. Ningguang can act as the primary damage dealer, while Xinyan, Fischl, and Chongyun can serve as a main DPS or support. Xingqiu, Diona, and Beidou shine as some of the best support characters in the game, thereby expanding your options for builds as you progress.

Building a competitive team solely from free characters is entirely achievable. For instance, a team comprising Fischl, Beidou, Diona, and Anemo MC forms a robust Meta team capable of overcoming all in-game content. This team primarily focuses on Electro and Physical damage, with either Fischl or Beidou as the Carry, Diona acting as a healer and a source of Superconduct, and Anemo MC utilizing Viridescent Venerer to decrease Electro Resistance.

However, a team led by Xiangling as the main DPS will be more potent with Bennett, a non-guaranteed character. Xiangling will likely need both Chongyun and Xingqiu or Sucrose and Xingqiu. Thus, it becomes necessary to consider selecting potent four-star support characters from limited banners, the next stepping stone in your account’s growth.

Determining Your Support Characters and High Constellation Needs

When it comes to four-star characters, most perform effectively at low or high Constellations, with some benefiting significantly from unlocking their Constellations. As four-stars, these characters are more readily available to acquire, level up, and unlock their Constellations, but this requires time, resources, and Primogems. Therefore, strategic decision-making about which characters to level up is crucial to tackling the most challenging content in Genshin.

Universal Best Supports

Genshin Impact focuses on team formation and character switching. Each team needs to fill various roles to function optimally. Typically, a character can fulfill one role, but powerful support characters can fill multiple roles. This versatility enhances the team’s efficiency by freeing up additional party slots.

  • Pyro Supports
    • Bennett: Healer, Attack buffer, Pyro resonance, Pyro Aura for Melt teams, and sub DPS/carry in some comps. Excels at C1 and C2.
    • Xiangling: Off-field DPS, off-field Pyro aura, enables reverse melt, main or sub DPS, buffer in mono Pyro teams. Excels at C4 and C6.
  • Hydro Supports
    • Xingqiu: Off-field Hydro Aura and DPS, enable reverse vape, energy battery, damage reduction, resistance

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