Locations and Domains in Genshin Impact

In the immersive gaming universe of Genshin Impact, players are bestowed with the opportunity to explore an extensive world named Teyvat. This world is teeming with a myriad of locations that include towns, settlements, scenic landscapes, and engaging dungeons. Here, elements merge and converge in a harmonious dance. As you navigate through this rich realm, you’ll encounter various NPCs, characters, formidable enemies, and challenging bosses. This comprehensive guide provides an overview of the diverse locations that can be discovered in the course of your journey.

Delving into the Different Types of Locations in Genshin Impact

At the heart of Genshin Impact lies the main continent, Teyvat. However, the exploration does not end here. Players can unearth larger locations on the map, which are categorically sorted and often house smaller areas or locations within them. These micro-locations frequently include buildings and shops. Among these various types of locations, domains stand out as Genshin Impact’s unique interpretation of dungeons.

An Introduction to Domains in Genshin Impact

Among the cornucopia of locations in Genshin Impact, domains, essentially temples or dungeons, hold a unique allure. These areas are designed with various challenges, stages, and goals. Some are woven into the main quests, while others are stumbled upon by players during their adventures. Completing these challenges and domains often rewards players with a treasure trove of resources such as equipment, artifacts, Mora, Adventure EXP, and various materials which aid with weapon and character ascension, enhancements, and more. While some domains invite replayability, others are one-time domains, rewarding players after the first completion only.

Various Domains of Genshin Impact

The Genshin Impact map is adorned with multiple types of domains, including:

  • Challenge Domains (Domains of Forgery, Domains of Blessing, Domains of Mastery)
  • Trounce Domains
  • Spiral Abyss
  • One-Time Domains
  • Story Domains

Spotlight on the Main Regions of Genshin Impact

The game’s vast landscape boasts several main regions where players can discover a multitude of areas and points of interest. These include Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma, and Sumeru. Other larger regions scattered across the map offer additional exploration opportunities:

  • Bishui Plain
  • Brightcrown Mountains
  • Dragonspine
  • Kannazuka
  • Lisha
  • Minlin
  • Narukami Island
  • Qiongji Estuary
  • Sea of Clouds
  • Seirai Island
  • Starfell Valley
  • Tsurumi Island
  • Watatsumi Island
  • Windwail Highland
  • Yashiori Island

A Tour of Merchants and Shops in Genshin Impact

As players traverse through different locations, they may stumble upon a variety of merchants or points of interest that facilitate trading or purchasing items. Some key establishments like blacksmiths, flower shops, bookstores, restaurants, taverns, souvenir shops, groceries, and general stores are typically found within city districts such as Mondstadt City, Liyue Harbour, or Inazuma City. These include:

  • Black Smith: Schulz’s Blacksmith, Hanfeng’s Ironmongers, Amenoma Smithy
  • General Store: Mondstadt General Goods, Second Life
  • Ingredient Shops: Tsukumomono Groceries, Wanyou Boutique
  • Bookshops: Yae Publishing House, Wanwen Bookhouse
  • Restaurants/ Taverns: Angel’s Share, Kiminami Restaurant, Wanmin Restaurant, Sailing Breeze
  • Others Include:
    • Wangsh

The Rich Tapestry of Regions in Genshin Impact

Mondstadt: A Sanctuary of Freedom

Nestled in the northeastern part of Teyvat, Mondstadt is a city of liberty. Surrounded by majestic mountains and sprawling plains, the fragrance of dandelions — a divine gift from the Anemo God, Barbatos — wafts in on the winds. This idyllic city sits atop an island amid Cider Lake, welcoming all with its gentle charm.

Liyue: A Haven of Abundance

Perched in the eastern territories of Teyvat, Liyue is a thriving harbor. Amid towering mountains and a stone forest, the serene plains and gushing rivers complete Liyue’s lush panorama. The stunning landscape transforms with each passing season, leaving one to ponder — how many treasures from the Geo God are nestled within the rocky embrace of Liyue’s peaks?

Inazuma: A Remote Archipelago

Situated far east of Teyvat, Inazuma is a secluded archipelago that has weathered endless thunderstorms. Embark on an adventure through its islands adorned with crimson maple and cherry blossoms. Traverse along the sinuous shorelines, ascend the lofty cliffs, and delve into forests and mountains laden with enigmas to witness the eternal pursuit of Her Excellency, the Almighty Narukami Ogosho.

Sumeru: A Rainforest City

Nestled amidst the dense rainforest, Sumeru City is enveloped by ancient trees and flowing rivers. Venture westward, and you’ll find yourself engulfed in a realm of dust and sand, hinting at myriad secrets veiled within the rain and desert.

Enkanomiya: The Secret Sanctuary

In the heart of Watatsumi Island, a beacon of hope emerges — the clandestine region of Enkanomiya. Step into this enigmatic realm and triumph over the valorous trials that await you there.

Domains: The Strongholds of Teyvat

In Genshin Impact, Domains are strategic fortresses scattered across Teyvat. These specialized territories invite players to embark on quests, participate in events, and overcome challenges. You can collaborate with friends or join forces with other players to conquer these dungeons and reap exclusive rewards. Genshin Impact features six distinct Domain types: Domains of Blessing, Domains of Forgery, Domains of Mastery, Trounce Domains, One-Time Domains, and the Spiral Abyss.

The majority of Genshin Impact’s Domains allow travelers to select from various difficulty levels, each promising more lavish rewards as the challenge intensifies. Each level corresponds with an Adventurer Rank prerequisite, ensuring that travelers only enter Domains suitable for their current rank.

Delving into Domains of Blessing in Genshin Impact

Domains of Blessing, designed to reward adventurers with artifacts, are a key feature of the game. Each venture into these domains costs 20 Original Resin to claim the reward. These domains are exclusive to adventurers with a Rank of 22 or higher and those who have successfully completed the Archon Quest Prologue.

Exploring Domains of Forgery in Genshin Impact

Domains of Forgery are specialized arenas designed to reward adventurers with vital Weapon Ascension Materials. Entry into these domains costs 20 Original Resin, which is redeemed to claim the reward. Access is reserved for adventurers of Rank 16 or higher, ensuring an exciting challenge for experienced players.

Mastering the Domains of Mastery in Genshin Impact

Domains of Mastery are prestigious arenas that generously award skilled adventurers with Talent Level-Up Materials. As with other domains, each entry costs 20 Original Resin for claiming the reward. These domains raise the bar even further, exclusively opening their gates to Travelers with an Adventurer Rank of 27 or higher.

Genshin Impact Domain Schedule: Maximizing Efficiency

For efficient progression in Genshin Impact, it’s crucial to understand the Domain schedule. Certain Talent Level-Up Materials and Weapon Ascension Materials are only available at specific times. Proper planning can optimize the usage of the precious Original Resin resource, preventing its unfortunate wastage. Here’s a list of the Talent Level-Up Materials featured in the rotation, inclusive of higher rarities:

  • Boreal Wolf’s Milk Tooth
  • Coral Branch of a Distant Sea
  • Fetters of the Dandelion Gladiator
  • Grain of Aerosiderite
  • Luminous Sands from Guyun
  • Mask of the Wicked Lieutenant
  • Mist Veiled Lead Elixir
  • Narukami’s Wisdom
  • Tile of Decarabian’s Tower
  • Teachings of Ballad, Diligence, Elegance, Freedom, Gold, Light, Prosperity, Resistance, Transience

The Spiral Abyss: A Towering Challenge in Genshin Impact

The Spiral Abyss is an imposing 12-floor dungeon that provides players with an array of rewards, including:

  • Primogems
  • Mora
  • Wanderer’s Advice
  • Adventurer’s Experience
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • Artifacts
  • Northlander Polearm Billet
  • Xiangling

Unlike other domains, the Spiral Abyss doesn’t require Original Resin to claim rewards. This intense domain is open only to travelers of Adventurer Rank 20 or higher.

One-Time Domains: A Unique Challenge in Genshin Impact

One-Time Domains pose a unique proposition. They offer a set reward upon initial completion, but no additional rewards for subsequent attempts. This intriguing domain type is free to claim rewards and is accessible to travelers of Adventurer Rank 12 or higher.

Taking on Trounce Domains in Genshin Impact

Trounce Domains serve as weekly boss challenges, yielding distinct rewards. Participants stand a chance to receive Artifacts, Ascension Gems, and five-star Talent Level-Up Materials. Each Domain can be completed once per week, with the first three completions costing 30 Original Resin each for reward claims, and subsequent bosses requiring 60 Original Resin. The rewards and discount reset weekly. As with several other domain types, Trounce Domains are accessible only to travelers of Adventurer Rank 27 or higher.

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