Genshin Impact Stats A Complete Guide

Delving into the complex world of Genshin Impact, one cannot overlook the significance of stats. These are the varying attributes that uniquely define each playable character within the game. They’re not just numerical values; they depict a character’s potential and define the effectiveness of their actions. With this in-depth guide, we aim to illuminate the landscape of Attributes, Stats, Status Ailments, and Character Stats that construct your Genshin Impact gaming experience.

Exploring the Terrain of Genshin Impact Stats

At the heart of the action in Genshin Impact lie the intricate Stats. A character’s Stats encapsulate various attributes – from elemental abilities to physical strengths and weaknesses. They hold immense sway over the character’s performance in combat scenarios, making understanding and optimizing them key to advancing in the game.

Stats are divided into basic and advanced categories. The basic stats are given by default when a character is created or unlocked. They include parameters like Health Points (HP), Attack (ATK), and Defense (DEF). On the other hand, advanced stats, such as Critical Rate, Critical Damage, and Energy Recharge, can be enhanced over time.

Understanding character stats in Genshin Impact is pivotal to mastering the game’s mechanics. Below, we delve into each stat and how they affect a character’s performance in the game.

Health Points (HP)

Health Points, or HP, is a measure of a character’s durability or life. A character with more HP can withstand more damage before falling. It’s important to note that DPS (Damage Per Second) characters typically have lower HP, making them “squishier” and easier to defeat.


As you’d expect, Attack (ATK) is a significant factor in determining the damage dealt in Genshin Impact. While all Normal Attacks scale with this stat, not all Elemental Skills and Bursts do. In understanding this stat, it’s crucial to distinguish between “Base ATK” and “Total ATK”:

  • Base ATK: The sum of a character’s Base ATK stat and their weapon’s primary stat.
  • Total ATK: The cumulative bonuses gained from various sources. Percentage-based bonuses will scale off the Base ATK. Therefore, a higher weapon’s primary stat results in more bonus ATK.


Defense determines a character’s resilience to attacks. The higher a unit’s defense, the less damage they will endure in battles. However, in Genshin Impact, Defense is seldom used to tank damage. Instead, it’s increased because a character’s ability scales with Defense.

Elemental Mastery

Elemental Mastery (EM) in Genshin Impact is vital for Elemental Reactions. Higher EM means higher Elemental Reactions’ damage. For the Crystallize reaction, a larger EM will bolster the strength of the generated Elemental Shards (though focusing on EM for Crystallize is generally not recommended).


Stamina is a unique attribute among Base Stats as it does not scale with the character. To enhance Stamina, players must offer Oculus to the Statues of the Seven in Mondstadt and Liyue. At max, Travelers can have 240 Stamina.

Stamina is consumed when players engage in activities like:

  • Dashing
  • Sprinting
  • Swimming
  • Climbing
  • Gliding
  • Using Charged-Attacks (except for bow users’ aimed-shot)

Advanced Stats

Genshin Impact also includes several Advanced Stats:

  • Critical Rate: The likelihood of landing a critical hit.
  • Critical Damage: The additional damage dealt when a critical hit lands.
  • Healing Bonus: The additional health regained through healing abilities.
  • Incoming Healing Bonus: The extra health restored from incoming healing.
  • Energy Recharge: The speed at which the character’s energy recharges.
  • Cooldown Reduction: The reduction in time a character has to wait before using a skill again.
  • Shield Strength: The durability of a character’s shield.

Manipulating Stats to Your Advantage

Understanding the Stats is just the beginning. Knowing how to effectively use and improve them is where the real strategy comes into play. Genshin Impact provides multiple ways to boost your character’s stats, offering a degree of flexibility and strategic depth to the gameplay.

Artifacts, weapons, and character level-ups directly influence the Stats. Artifacts and weapons possess specific attributes that enhance the character’s basic and advanced stats. Choosing and upgrading the right artifacts and weapons tailored to your character’s unique capabilities can provide significant boosts in their performance.

Status ailments, while not directly related to the character’s stats, can alter the combat dynamics considerably. Negative effects like Frozen, Burned, or Electro-Charged can reduce a character’s effectiveness, while positive statuses can provide temporary boosts. Understanding the nature of these ailments and how to inflict or avoid them is another critical layer in the complex stratagem of Genshin Impact.

In conclusion, the Stats in Genshin Impact serve as the backbone of your gameplay strategy. Their understanding and effective utilization can significantly influence your journey through the magical world of Teyvat. Equip yourself with this knowledge and take a step closer to mastering Genshin Impact’s intricate gameplay mechanics.

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