Genshin Impact Prologue Progression Route Guide

The epic adventure of Act 1 unfurls as your chosen Traveler stirs to consciousness in the mystical land of Teyvat. Here, players encounter Paimon, a steadfast companion who accompanies them throughout the game. The initial tutorial phase unfolds as the Traveler follows Paimon’s guidance, leading them to discover one of the revered Statues of the Seven. Imbued with the power of Anemo from the statue, Paimon advises a journey to Mondstadt.

The Mysterious Dragon and a Stranger: Unforeseen Encounters

Venturing onward, the Traveler catches sight of a strange dragon soaring towards the forest. As they valiantly battle foes along their path, they encounter the mysterious dragon and an enigmatic stranger amidst the forest’s dense foliage. However, the stranger and dragon hastily retreat as the Traveler’s Anemo powers stir their attention, leaving behind only a lone crimson crystal.

Meeting Amber: The Outrider Knight of Favonius

As the Traveler exits the forest, they are intercepted by Amber, the Outrider Knight of Favonius. Showing her admiration for the Traveler’s bravery, Amber bestows upon them a Wind Glider. Before escorting the Traveler to Mondstadt, she proposes to clear out a troublesome Hillchuri camp.

Stormterror Strikes: The Dragon’s Fury Unleashed

Testing the new Wind Glider proves timely as Stormterror, the fearsome dragon known by the locals, resurfaces, wreaking havoc on the City of Mondstadt. With the Traveler’s efforts to repel Stormterror catching the attention of the astute cavalry captain, Kaeya, they are summoned to meet Jean, the Grand Master, at the headquarters.

The Quest for Stormterror’s Power: The Four Winds’ Temples

Jean requests the Traveler’s aid in Mondstadt, tasking them with unearthing the origin of Stormterror’s power, believed to be concealed within the forsaken Four Winds’ Temples. Successfully navigating these temples marks the culmination of Act 1: The Outlander Who Caught the Wind, laying the foundation for the adventures that lie ahead.

The Return to Mondstadt: Diplomacy and Disagreements

Upon completing the mission at the Four Winds’ Temples, the Traveler returns to Mondstadt to report to Jean. Here, they witness a charged conversation between Jean and Anastasia, a Fatui Diplomat, who proposes eliminating Stormterror. This incites Jean’s ire, leading to Anastasia’s dismissal. During this encounter, the Traveler recalls the crimson crystal found after their initial encounter with the dragon, and informs Jean about it.

A Mysterious Crystal: Insights and Inquiries

Together, they retreat to the headquarters to consult Lisa on this curious discovery. Intrigued, Lisa decides to conduct further research within the restricted section of the library. Meanwhile, as the crystal appears benign to the Traveler, Lisa entrusts it to their care. Shortly after, Jean confers upon the Traveler the title of Honorary Knight of Favonius and delegates another task to them.

A Familiar Stranger: Venti and the Dragon’s True Name

As the Traveler exits the headquarters, Paimon inquires why they didn’t disclose their encounter with the stranger in the forest. Coincidentally, they spot the same stranger roaming the city of Mondstadt, prompting a chase that culminates near the city’s fountain. Here, the stranger introduces himself as Venti and shares that Stormterror’s real name is Dvalin. Upon showing Venti the crimson crystal, they realize it has been purified. Venti then asks to meet at the Great Tree in Windrise.

The Truth Revealed: Dvalin’s Struggles and Deception

Upon reaching the Great Tree, an unexpected confrontation with an Eye of the Storm ensues. After defeating the creature, Venti reveals that Dvalin has been misled and exploited by the Abyss Order. They were in the process of healing Dvalin when the Traveler unintentionally disrupted them. Venti then suggests meeting at the cathedral to acquire the Holy Lyre Der Himmel.

The Cathedral Heist: A Failed Attempt and a Stolen Lyre

Inside the cathedral, Venti and the Traveler fail to secure the lyre from Gotelinde. Later that night, they attempt a clandestine operation to steal the lyre. However, a Fatui Electro Cicin Mage swipes the lyre right under their noses and disappears, leaving the Traveler to face the guards. Outside, Paimon’s outburst alerts Venti to the failed mission. Venti then guides the Traveler to a safe haven run by Diluc, who skillfully misdirects the pursuing knights.

Storming the Fatui Hideout: A Damaged Lyre and a Misunderstanding

The next night, the Traveler, accompanied by Diluc, Venti, and Jean, infiltrates the Fatui Hideout. Despite facing formidable resistance, they successfully retrieve the lyre and return to the tavern. Unfortunately, the lyre is found to be damaged, necessitating repairs. With the lyre restored, they journey to Starsnatch Cliff, intending to summon and cure Dvalin. However, an Abyss Mage interrupts their attempts and persuades Dvalin that the knights are there to harm him. In the ensuing chaos, Dvalin and the Abyss Mage escape, leaving behind the lyre, now damaged beyond repair.

A Battle at Dawn Winery: Tracking the Abyss Mage

The Traveler, guided to the Dawn Winery, meets the rest of the group. Diluc shares that the Abyss Mage, whose whereabouts they’ve successfully traced to the winery’s vicinity, is their next target. Upon the mage’s defeat, Venti notices an energy dispersal that had been blocking Dvalin’s connection. He suggests that Dvalin’s lair, located within ancient ruins and sealed by a formidable barrier, might now be accessible.

Venturing into Stormterror’s Lair: Ambush and Ancient Seals

The group, spearheaded by Diluc and Jean, readies to confront Dvalin if necessary. However, Venti insists on attempting to purify Dvalin with the Traveler’s aid. Upon reaching Stormterror’s lair, they are abruptly ambushed by three Hilichurls. Once these foes are vanquished, Venti dispels the barrier, granting them entry into the lair. Inside, they encounter an insurmountable barrier, guarded by ancient seals. Diluc identifies a light actuator, whose repair could potentially allow them safe passage.

Purifying Dvalin: A Successful Mission

Once the light actuator is functional, the group ventures deeper into the lair. A resolute Jean queries the Traveler’s readiness, confident of their collective prowess. Their combined efforts manage to defeat Dvalin, and in breaking the crystals on the dragon’s back, they restore its consciousness. Dvalin saves the group from a potentially deadly fall and leaves the lair. Back in Mondstadt, Jean prepares a report detailing the end of Dvalin’s threat and the city’s safety.

Post-Battle Celebrations and Revelations

The next day, Amber invites the Traveler to a Sticky Honey Roast treat at Good Hunter, as soon as she tidies up the area. At the tavern, Kaeya reveals his successful interception of Abyss Order infiltrators during the city’s attack and shares his intel about a leader uniting the Abyss Order – “The Prince/The Princess.” As Amber arrives, Kaeya takes his leave. Post meal, Amber informs the Traveler that Jean awaits them at the cathedral, concerning the Holy Lyre der Himmel.

The Lyre and a Sinister Encounter: Fatui’s Ambush

At the cathedral, the Traveler hands over the lyre to Barbara, in the presence of Jean and Venti. Venti explains his temporary fix for the lyre, which wouldn’t hold indefinitely. As Venti and the Traveler exit the cathedral, they’re ambushed by Fatui agents, led by the ominous La Signora. In a heated exchange, Venti’s Gnosis is stolen by Signora, who then orders a retreat, leaving the Traveler unconscious.

Aftermath and a New Destination: Liyue

Upon awakening, the Traveler is greeted by Barbara, who informs them of her successful healing efforts and Venti’s condition. Meeting Venti at Windrise, they learn about Signora, the Harbingers, and the Tsaritsa of Snezhnaya’s bestowed god-like powers. With this knowledge, Venti advises the Traveler to seek out the Geo Archon in Mondstadt’s neighboring nation, Liyue.

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