Genshin Impact Combat Guide for Beginners

Genshin Impact places significant emphasis on its detailed combat mechanics. This article aims to guide you through both rudimentary and complex battle mechanics, from understanding weapon behaviours to mastering player and enemy combat details. Here, we’ll delve into the multi-faceted combat system of the game.

The Elemental Dance in Genshin Impact Combat

Elemental Synergies In Genshin Impact, seven distinct elements are at your disposal, with each character wielding one unique element. The elements include:

  • Anemo (Wind)
  • Geo (Earth)
  • Electro (Lightning)
  • Dendro (Nature)
  • Hydro (Water)
  • Pyro (Fire)
  • Cryo (Frost)

The graphic above, designed by /sunmilk/, explains the outcomes of merging various elemental attacks. For instance, triggering an Anemo-centric ability and swiftly swapping to a Pyro vision character like Amber will result in a fiery vortex around your adversary. Another intriguing combo is Hydro and Electro. Enemies with the ‘Wet’ status become even more susceptible to Electro attacks. Hence, don’t hesitate to experiment with unique elemental combinations to unveil new, potent tactics.

Adverse Status Effects

Below, you’ll find a compendium of detrimental status effects that can be inflicted on both Enemies and Players. Starting with Enemies:

  • Hydro – Inflicts ‘Wet’ status on enemies.
  • Cryo – Decreases the enemy’s movement speed.
  • Pyro – Sets an enemy ablaze, causing gradual health loss until the status effect depletes.
  • Geo – Reduces enemies’ elemental damage and triggers them to drop a shield that the player can utilise for protection. The shield is most effective against the enemy’s elemental type and will vanish when its health drops to zero.
  • Electro – If an enemy is situated in a water body, it triggers a lightning chain that affects multiple enemies.

Turning to Players, the following effects can be triggered:

  • Hydro, Slowing Water – Prolongs the cooldown period of your abilities.
  • Electro, Devouring Lightning – Reduces the effectiveness of the Elemental Burst energy usage.
  • Cryo, Condensing Ice – Increases stamina usage for dodging and running.
  • Pyro, Smoldering Flames – Burns the player, leading to gradual HP loss until the effect wears off.

Mastering Elemental Combos

In your journey through Genshin Impact, you’ll come across varied foes and formidable bosses, each with their elemental strengths and weaknesses. Thus, your tactics should extend beyond simple weapon strikes. Mastering elemental combinations can help you launch powerful combos, either solo or in multiplayer mode. Some examples are:

  • Overloaded – When Electro meets Pyro (or the other way around), it results in a substantial Pyro damage area of effect (AoE).
  • Superconduct – Merging Electro and Cryo triggers a large Cryo damage AoE and slows down enemy speed.
  • Electro-Charged – Combining Hydro with Electro causes electro damage over time. This combination is especially handy, as enemies near bodies of water often suffer from the ‘Wet’ status, making them prime targets for this combo.

Exploiting Elemental Reactions: Melt and Vaporize

In Genshin Impact, the elemental reactions of Melt and Vaporize play a critical role in achieving potent attack combinations. Here’s how they work:


  • Combining Pyro and Cryo dispels both effects, dealing 1.5 times Cryo damage.
  • When Cryo and Pyro are merged, it dispels both effects and inflicts double Cryo damage.


  • Merging Hydro and Pyro dispels both effects and deals 1.5 times Pyro damage.
  • Pyro and Hydro, when combined, dispel both effects and result in double Hydro damage.

For additional details on Elemental Reactions, click [here](Elemental Reactions).

Unlocking Party Passive Bonuses

Upon reaching Mondstadt, you will get the opportunity to use your first Wish. With some luck, you may add two or three new playable characters to your team apart from Amber, your initial free party member. In Genshin Impact, your team can have up to four active characters that you can freely interchange during exploration and combat. Remember to visit the Party Setup menu when forming your team to check the Elemental Resonance. Here, you can see the Party Passive Bonuses you can attain based on your team composition.

Protective Canopy Activate four different elements in your party to boost all Elemental RES by 15%.

Impetuous Winds Include two Anemo characters in the party to reduce Stamina Consumption by 15%, boost Movement SPD by 10%, and decrease Skill CD by 5%.

Fervent Flames Having two Pyro characters in your party reduces the effect of Cryo by 40% and increases ATK by 25%.

Soothing Water With two Hydro characters in your party, Pyro’s effect is reduced by 40%, and incoming healing is boosted by 30%.

High Voltage Include two Electro characters in your party to reduce the Hydro effect by 40%. Superconduct, Overloaded, and Electro-Charged have a 100% chance to generate an Electro Elemental Particle (CD: 5s).

Shattering Ice By having two Cryo characters in your party, the Electro effect is reduced by 40%. Increases CRIT Rate against enemies that are Frozen or affected by Cryo by 15%.

Enduring Rock Having two Geo characters in your party improves resistance to interruption. When shielded, it boosts Attack DMG by 15%.

Fundamentals of Combat Attacks

The attack button in Genshin Impact lets you execute a sequence of combos, depending on your character’s weapon. Characters with swords can perform up to five hits, while those using catalysts can only manage up to four attacks in a combo. Basic attacks don’t deplete stamina. However, if you press and hold the attack button, you can perform a charged or heavy attack, which will consume stamina.

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