Genshin Impact Chapter 2 Progression Route Guide

Kick-start your adventure with a hearty discussion with Paimon, before making your way towards Liyue Harbor. Seek out Atsuko and gather insights about Inazuma. Venture onto the Alcor where you’ll stumble upon the Crux Fleet, including Beidou and Kaedehara Kazuha. They bring up the Crux Clash, boasting prizes like the elusive Masterless Vision or a coveted ticket to Inazuma.

Joining the Crux Clash: An Adventure Awaits

To join the tournament, locate Zhuhan who oversees registration. She’ll guide you to the Arena. Showcase your prowess by defeating opponents until the semi-finals. Demonstrate your skills against slimes with Kazuha. Upon returning to the arena, learn from Beidou that your opponent is missing and the Masterless Vision has been stolen. Pursue the treasure hoarders who took the Vision and vanquish them.

Climax of the Clash: The Final Showdown

Your encounter with Fei, your supposed final opponent, will come as a surprise. Triumph over him and retrieve the Vision alongside Kazuha. When you come back to the arena, Zhuhan delivers the news that Beidou has been summoned by Ningguang at Liyue Harbor. Completing the Prologue: Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves, earns you an array of rewards.

Sailing to Inazuma: A New Destination

Your next destination is Inazuma. Begin at Liyue Harbor and chat with Katheryne. A sailor, sent by Beidou, will welcome you aboard the Alcor. Converse with Beidou to set sail to Inazuma. Upon arrival, meet Thoma, your point of contact in this new land.

Inazuma and its Challenges: Border Checkpoints and Bureaucracy

Make your way to the Border checkpoint with Thoma for registration, then proceed to the Outlander Affairs Agency to finalize your application. Post-application, engage with the President of the International Trade Association, Kurisu, and then look for a merchant named Werner for Crystal Marrow.

The Kamisato Clan: Unveiling Secrets

You will be introduced to the Kamisato Clan of the Yashiro Commission through Thoma. You’ll also receive an invitation to Narukami Island, where you must find him at Komore Teahouse.

Leaving Ritou: An Arduous Process

Leaving Ritou isn’t straightforward, as you’ll need to negotiate with the Kanjou Commissioner. He asks for your assistance with the Kanjou Commission, and you receive a letter from Ms. Hiiragi asking for a meeting.

Life in Narukami Island: A Mix of Joy and Struggle

Upon reaching Narukami Island, present your invitation to Kamaji and converse with Thoma. Explore the Statue of the Omnipresent God and experience visions collected from the Vision Hunt Decree. Following this, head over to the Kamisato Residences and meet Kamisato Ayaka, who has three small requests for you.

The Mystery of the Lost Visions: An Investigation Begins

Your investigation of lost visions leads you to Kurosowa, a samurai. Interact with him and then challenge the Treasure Hoarders. After your victory, go to the general goods shop to interact with Aoi, then return to Kurosowa.

A Glimpse of Supernatural: Nighttime Visits and Exorcisms

Make your way to the dojo to meet Junya and Nanako. Return to the dojo at nighttime and track a suspicious person. Watch Lady Yae and the Meikyou Shisui Art Disciples perform a ritual at the Grand Narukami Shrine.

Rescue and Rewards: End of Act 1

Finally, break out Masakatsu from the Police station and share the news with Ayaka and Thoma at Komore Teahouse. Completing Act 1: The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia, you’ll receive an assortment of rewards.

Thoma’s Capture: Commencing a Rescue Mission

Begin at Komore Teahouse, where Ayaka reveals the capture of Thoma by the Tenryou Commission. Head towards the Vision hunt ceremony, prepared to face the Raiden Shogun. Despite your defeat, Thoma comes to your rescue and spirits you away from the scene. Proceed to Tatarasuna for some valuable intel.

The Resistance Rises: Unfolding the Rebellion

Gather information by eavesdropping on the Shogunate Samurai and the Inazuma locals. At the waypoint, triumph over the Yoriki Samurais and converse with Teppei. Head to the resistance camp to discuss the situation with Gorou. Aid a wounded soldier by offering an Onikabuto or a Wolfhook.

Kujou Sara’s Challenge: Building Defenses

After learning that Kujou Sara is commanding the enemy forces, head to the frontlines where Gorou is stationed. After a challenging fight, witness an intense cutscene depicting a full-scale battle between the Shogunate Army and the Resistance. Following the cutscene, you’ll encounter Sangonomiya Kokomi.

A New Lead: Encounter at Fort Fujitou

Embark towards Fort Fujitou to converse with Teppei. Upon reaching Watatsumi Island, seek out Sangonomiya Kokomi at the resistance camp. Head to the Swordfish II station, overcome the nearby enemies and their camps, then report back to Kokomi.

Mystery of the Aging Teppei: Delving Deeper

Discover an aged Teppei and discuss the situation with Kokomi and Gorou. Investigate the Delusion factory and secure three amulets to gain access and find the person in charge.

Yae Miko’s Intervention: The Anti-Raiden Shogun Training

Interact with the mechanism to begin your Anti-Raiden Shogun training under Yae Miko’s guidance. After the first phase, engage in further discussions with Yae Miko to initiate the second phase.

In the Heart of Enemy Territory: A Glimpse of Hope

Evade arrest by Kujou thanks to Yae Miko’s intervention at the Grand Narukami Shrine. In Chinju Forest, encounter Sayu. Seek help from Yoimiya for the fireworks, then return to Sayu’s location and set off the fireworks.

Confrontation and Consequences: The Final Battle

Present the evidence at the Grand Narukami Shrine. Follow Kujou Sara to the Tenryou Commission Headquarters, defeating all enemies that stand in your way. After the conflict, join Kujou Sara in confronting Kujou Takayuki about the evidence.

Raiden Shogun Reemerges: The Climax

Head to Tenshukaku and engage in a conversation with Signora, triggering a battle. Post-battle, the Raiden Shogun makes her appearance. After a dizzying walk, you’re confronted by the Shogun herself, leading to a fight with the Electro Archon. Conclude this thrilling saga by visiting and conversing with Yae Miko at the Grand Narukami Shrine. Upon the completion of Act 3: Omnipresence Over Mortals, you will be rewarded generously.

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