Genshin Impact Chapter 1 Progression Route Guide

Upon reaching the beautiful Liyue Harbor, you’re destined to start your adventure by engaging in enlightening conversations with the three locals. Next, embark on a journey towards the Yujing Terrace. Once you grace the Terrace with your presence, your next task is to approach and interact with the site in a way akin to praying and making a wish.

A cutscene unfolds, and in an unexpected turn of events, you find yourself a potential suspect. In the company of Paimon, you’re compelled to make a swift escape, heading towards the luminescent yellow icon. Employing the skills of jumping and gliding across rooftops proves advantageous in dodging the vigilant guards.

Meeting with Childe and Journey to Jueyun Karst

Arrival at the yellow icon triggers another cutscene, revealing one of the guards catching sight of you. But worry not, as a Fatui named Childe swiftly deals with the guards, opening a path for you. Childe instructs you to rendezvous at the Northland Bank, where he has a quest waiting for you. He also presents you with a Sigil of Permission, an item of considerable importance.

The quest involves meeting the adepti in the revered Jueyun Karst. Using fast travel to a waypoint, you follow the guidance of the yellow icon, leading you to the esteemed Moon Carver, the Adepti.

Quests in Wangshu Inn and Return to Northland Bank

A test of your skills awaits, as Moon Carver sets you on a task to conquer 20 Millelith Guards. Post-victory, you are instructed to venture to the Wangshu Inn to search for Yaksha. The following three objectives: Wangshu, Moulder of Mountains, and Custodian of Clouds can be tackled in any order of your preference.

After achieving these goals, you are ready to undertake the final objective named Dust to Dust. Bear in mind, the Wangshu quest presents a challenge in the form of the formidable boss, the Ruin Hunter. Upon successful completion, you return to the Northland Bank to inform Childe of your progress.

Embark on Act 2: Farewell, Archaic Lord

In Act 2: Farewell, Archaic Lord, your journey continues as you arrive back at Northland Bank. The courteous staff guide you to Childe’s location. Upon arrival, Childe introduces you to the mysterious Zhongli, who presents you with a bag of Mora. The purpose? To purchase an intriguing item known as the “Noctilucous Jade”.

The Quest for the Perfect Noctilucous Jade and Crafting Perfumes

You set out on a journey to source three different samples of Noctilucous Jade. With your samples in hand, you journey to Dadaupa Gorge, where you’ll use a grand cooking pot to cook the Jade. The third Jade sample reveals itself to be the superior choice, as it shines brightest during the cooking process.

Final Tasks and the Concluding Cutscene

Returning to Yujing Terrace, you interact with a ground light to place the Noctilucous Jade. From here, your journey involves crafting perfumes, purchasing kites, and bartering with workers. Upon acquiring the Everlasting Incense from the Bubu Pharmacy, you meet the unique Qiqi. Once you have the incense in your possession, you’re to return to Zhongli.

The Feast with Zhongli and Battle at Mt. Tianheng

Following a fulfilling meal with Zhongli, you set your sights on the next destination, Mt. Tianheng. Here, you’ll find the floating architectural marvel, the Jade Chamber. As you glide down towards the Guizhong Balista, prepare for a challenging encounter – three waves of formidable Millelith Soldiers await your challenge.

Victory over the soldiers earns you an audience with the skilled Keqing. A casual suggestion from Paimon sees you embarking on a hunt for ingredients for Sugar-Frosted Slime – an ideal gift for the illustrious Ningguang.

Return to Liyue Harbor and Visiting the Jade Chamber

Returning to Liyue Harbor, your journey unfolds with a guide, triggering a cutscene that showcases your grand arrival at the Jade Chamber. Ningguang welcomes you warmly and sheds light on her intentions – to clear up a few misunderstandings.

Interacting with the ‘Paper Snow’ and Research Confrontation

You pick up a piece of “paper snow” from Ningguang’s board and interact with it, revealing a new location guarded by the vigilant Fatui. Despite the looming threat, you can choose to bypass the fight and focus on the box instead. After examining the Fatui Research, your path leads back to Zhongli at Dihua Marsh.

Adventures with Zhongli and Confrontations at the Golden House

Zhongli accompanies you on a quest for Wild Glaze Lilies, a quest marked by battles with Whopperflowers. Upon victory, Ganyu appears, bestowing upon you a Wild Glaze Lily. Your return to Liyue Harbor at the City gate is met with a skirmish between Millelith and the Fatui.

In the Golden House, you examine the Exuvia and come face to face with Childe, a challenging foe who puts your skills to the ultimate test.

Defeating the Overlord of Vortex and Revelations

The aftermath of the fight with Childe unveils a chaotic scene – the awakening of the Overlord of Vortex, Osial. Joined by Ningguang, Keqing, Xiao, and the other adepti, you take a stand against the chaos using the upgraded Guizhong Ballista.

Negotiations and the Rite of Parting

Post-battle, the adepti and Qixing hold talks concerning their negotiations. Zhongli awaits your return at Northland Bank, where you witness a revealing conversation between him, Childe, and La Signora. Uncovering Zhongli’s true identity as the Lord of Geo leaves you in awe.

After departing Northland Bank, you make your way to Yujing Terrace. Following the intriguing talk of the locals, you proceed to the Rite of Parting, a solemn ceremony where Ningguang, Keqing, and Ganyu express their gratitude for your assistance. Finally, you interact with Zhongli, marking the completion of Act 3: A New Star Approaches.

Arrival at Liyue Harbor and the Plot Unfolds

The adventure begins in the bustling Liyue Harbor, where an interaction with Branch Master Lan and Ganyu sets the stage for the story. You’re briefed about two treasure hoarders with grand plans, prompting you to set off towards the Ruin entrance. The Hilichurls standing in your way are no match for you, and you advance into the depths of the ruins.

Discovery in the Ruins and Encounter with the Abyss Herald

Inside, a grim sight greets you – a lifeless thief lies next to a replica of the Statue of the Seven. However, your exit is thwarted by the sudden shaking of the ruins. Further exploration leads you to a door that uncannily swings open upon approach, unveiling the intimidating Abyss Herald. After a short clash, the Abyss Herald retreats, cryptically naming you “the one”.

Meeting Dainsleif and Investigating the Talisman

As you emerge from the ruins, Dainsleif is waiting for you. Another rendezvous with him comes after you defeat a group of enemies, whereupon you acquire a talisman connected to the Abyss Herald. The mystery of the talisman takes you to Mondstadt’s Cathedral, where you converse with Barbara.

Confronting Rosaria and Returning to Dainsleif

The encounter with Barbara is followed by a surprise run-in with Rosaria. Armed with new information, you return to Dainsleif. Your next destination, Wolvendom, is the backdrop for a reunion with Jean, a battle with enemies, and a showdown featuring Razor, Boreas, and the Abyss Herald.

The Stormterror’s Lair and Final Confrontation

Following the conversation with Razor, you relay the information to Dainsleif, who assigns you a new mission at Stormterror’s Lair. Here, you encounter a Ruin Guard. Upon your return to the ruins, Dainsleif senses the presence of the Abyss Herald. A triumphant battle concludes with a shocking revelation – your twin sibling appears to attack Dainsleif.

The Aftermath and the Promise of a Reunion

The Abyss Herald and your sibling vanish through a portal, with Dainsleif hot on their trail. Left alone in the ruins with Paimon, you grapple with the bewildering turn of events. The completion of Act 4: We Will Be Reunited rewards you with a bounty of Adventure EXP, Primogems, Mora, Mystic Enhancement Ores, and more.

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