Genshin Impact All Enemies and their Stats Guide

The fantastical world of Genshin Impact is teeming with a wide array of hostile creatures. These adversaries take on many forms – spanning from mythical entities and humans to wild beasts and other exotic beings. Notwithstanding their individuality in combat behavior, defeating these foes bestows upon players an array of drops, yielding essential resources and items instrumental in advancing through the game. This comprehensive guide delineates a catalogue of all enemies encountered in Genshin Impact, including details about their locations, attributes, item drops, and more. These particulars are available on each individual page linked below.

Which Enemy Varieties Populate the World of Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact’s sprawling map is home to an assortment of foes, primarily categorised into specific factions. These factions can further be broken down into specialized types within smaller subsets. However, the main enemy factions you’re likely to encounter throughout Genshin Impact are:

  • Automatons
  • Elemental Creatures
  • Hilichurls
  • Mystical Beast Enemies
  • Human Adversaries
  • Fatui
  • Abyss Foes
  • Bosses

What Characterizes the Stats of Genshin Impact’s Enemies?

The stats of enemies in Genshin Impact can be evaluated starting from their Health Points (HP) followed by their elemental resistances. These foes may possess elemental resistances at varying percentages or could even be totally immune. Ordinarily, if a foe is classified under a particular elemental category, its elemental antithesis becomes its weakness. The HP and level range is expansive; from common Slimes with as low as 20 HP to formidable Boss enemies possessing a staggering 876-1,484 HP, typically associated with level 90 enemies.

*Note: An enemy’s resistance stats could be influenced by its state and status, causing these stats to scale accordingly.

Which Uncommon Drops Can Players Procure from Enemies?

Beyond the usual Mora drops and Character Experience Points (EXP), players might stumble upon rare materials. These can be leveraged to advance in the game, level up, or even for Character and Weapon Ascension. Here are some high-ranking unique drops players may acquire upon defeating enemies:

  • Ominous Mask
  • Black Crystal Horn
  • Ley Line Sprout
  • Concealed Talon
  • Chaos Core
  • Chaos Oculus
  • Lieutenant’s Insignia
  • Inspector’s Sacrificial Knife
  • Polarizing Prism
  • Fossilized Bone Shard

Who Are the Elite Enemies in Genshin Impact?

Apart from the commonplace foes encountered across Genshin Impact’s map, players will come across Elite versions of these enemies, possessing heightened stats and demonstrating superior combat prowess. These challenging encounters, however, yield significant rewards, as these enemy types have a higher propensity to drop rarer items like Ascension Materials, Artifacts, or even Weapons. These adversaries may also crop up as final bosses during quests.

Elite Enemies are known to potentially drop the following Artifacts:

  • Traveling Doctor
  • Berserker
  • Instructor
  • The Exile

Bosses in Genshin Impact: A Detailed Overview

Genshin Impact brings to life a plethora of distinctive and powerful bosses, each forming a special, unique segment of the game’s vast roster of enemies. Bosses, recognized by their enhanced health, unique combat styles, and distinct behaviors and stats, are typically encountered at the culmination of a main campaign chapter. Alternatively, they can be found in diverse locations or dungeons, needing to be vanquished to unlock additional areas or advance further in the game. This guide provides a comprehensive compilation of all bosses found in Genshin Impact, including strategies to defeat them, information about their locations, rewards, lore, and much more.

Bosses in Genshin Impact are not your average adversaries; they are considerably mightier. This section delves into the types of bosses you’ll encounter in Genshin Impact, along with details on their locations, rewards, lore, and strategies to defeat them.

Normal Bosses

Normal Bosses in Genshin Impact outshine both regular and elite enemies in strength and rewards. Upon defeating a Normal Boss, a ‘Trounce Blossom’ spawns, offering rewards in exchange for 40 Original Resin. These rewards typically include 200 Adventure EXP, Mora, Companionship EXP, Character Ascension Materials, and Artifacts, with the exact rewards varying based on your World Level.

Normal Bosses rejuvenate after a short hiatus once you leave the vicinity following their defeat. To prompt this, you can teleport to the nearest waypoint and then return. However, if you leave mid-battle without finishing them off and return, you’ll find them fully recovered.

Note that Normal Bosses can occasionally summon multiple enemies in the area.

Weekly Bosses

Weekly Bosses, tougher than their Normal counterparts, naturally offer more substantial rewards. After defeating a Weekly Boss, a ‘Trounce Blossom’ will appear, just like with Normal Bosses, but here you will spend 30 Original Resin for the first three Weekly Bosses you defeat. Subsequent battles will cost you 60 Original Resin each. Rewards refresh weekly in your world at 4am every Monday.

Rewards from Weekly Bosses include 300 Adventure EXP, Mora, Companionship EXP, Character Ascension Materials, Artifacts, and Northlander Billets. The specifics of these rewards hinge on your selected Domain Level and World Level.

Event Bosses

Event Bosses are special foes appearing as part of specific events in the game. The materials dropped by Event Bosses can prove beneficial, with the quantity contingent on your current Adventure Rank. Occasionally, they might also drop Event Items, redeemable at Event Shops.

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