All Artifacts in Genshin Impact Guide

Within the intricate world of Genshin Impact, Artifacts take on a dual role, serving both as the armor and accessories for the characters. Enhancing their inherent stats and triggering specific artifact set bonuses, each playable character can adorn themselves with five different types of Artifacts. This article unfolds the vast spectrum of Artifacts within the game.

Augmenting Artifacts in Genshin Impact

The process of enhancement adds new stats or amplifies the existing ones of the chosen Artifact, allowing up to four sub-stats. Once a player has a pleasing set of stats, they may opt to elevate the level of this Artifact. The maximum level an Artifact can reach is 12, however, the rarity of the Artifact can reduce this. The key to maximizing your Artifact’s potential is to concentrate on improving those with a desirable main stat in order to obtain complementing sub stats. Each enhancement bears the possibility of a bonus EXP, presenting a 90% likelihood of achieving a regular x1 Bonus stat, a 9% probability of gaining x2 EXP, and a 1% chance of it being multiplied by 5. Upon revealing these stats, players may opt to discard Artifacts with less than perfect stats to acquire more EXP and persist in enhancing those with the ideal stat combination.

Techniques to Enhance Artifacts in Genshin Impact

Artifacts gain enhancement through Artifact EXP and Mora, achieved by using other Artifacts or art EXP materials as fodder. Mirroring the practice with weapons, players can choose to scrap or recycle undesired Artifacts to gain Artifact EXP. The enhancement menu, located on the character screen, provides a platform for this; simply select the character holding the Artifact and enhance to enter the menu.

Set Bonus Unveiled

A unique bonus is awarded when 2 or 4 different types of Artifacts from the same set are equipped. Given that characters can only equip five Artifacts, each character can only have either the 2 and 4-Piece bonus from one set, or two 2-Piece bonuses from separate sets.

Artifact Leveling Explained

Possessing a strong set of stats, players may feel inclined to level up their already enhanced Artifact further. In general, 1 EXP point will cost 1 Mora, except when recycling a previously leveled-up Artifact.

Understanding Leveled Artifacts and Corresponding Mora Costs

1 star: Base Exp = 420, Mora Cost = 420 2 star: Base Exp = 840, Mora Cost = 840 3 star: Base Exp = 1,260, Mora Cost = 1,260 4 star: Base Exp = 2,520, Mora Cost = 2,520 5 star: Base Exp = 3,780, Mora Cost = 3,780

This table provides a clear understanding of the base experience and corresponding Mora cost for each level of Artifact, making it easier for players to make informed decisions regarding Artifact enhancement.

Understanding Main Stats in Artifacts

Every Artifact comes with a primary stat and can have up to 4 sub-stats. The primary stat’s type hinges on the Artifact’s specific type or slot, while its starting value is determined by the Artifact’s rarity.

Main stats can range from Flat HP, HP%, DEF%, Flat ATK, ATK%, Elemental Mastery, a distinctive Elemental Damage Bonus% for each of the 7 elements, Energy Recharge%, Physical DMG Bonus%, Crit Rate%, Crit DMG%, to Healing Bonus. Note that certain stats are unique to specific Artifact parts. For instance, the Elemental Damage Bonus% can only be secured from a Goblet of Eonothem.

Deciphering Sub Stats

An Artifact will unlock a new sub-stat every 4 levels, given it has less than 4, or upgrade an existing sub-stat if it already has 4. Importantly, an Artifact’s sub-stat cannot be identical to the main stat.

Sub-stats may include Flat HP, HP%, Flat DEF, DEF%, Flat ATK, ATK%, Elemental Mastery, Energy Recharge%, Crit Rate%, and Crit DMG%.

Finding Artifacts in Genshin Impact

Artifacts are primarily discovered through exploration and opening chests, identifying Investigation Spots, defeating Elite enemies and bosses to secure their drops, or interacting with particular NPCs or purchasing from them. Players can possess up to 1500 Artifacts, which can also be scrapped for enhancement.

Types of Artifact Set Pieces

There exist five kinds of Artifacts that the Playable Characters of the game can equip. These unique Artifact types can be found in the Artifact sets:

  • Circlet of Logos
  • Goblet of Eonothem
  • Flower of Life
  • Plume of Death
  • Sands of Eon

Single Piece Sets

There are available one-piece sets that offer a set bonus once equipped. Each set comprises only one primary Artifact piece.

  • Prayers for Illumination: Tiara of Flame
  • Prayers for Destiny: Tiara of Torrents
  • Prayers for Wisdom: Tiara of Thunder
  • Prayers to Springtime: Tiara of Frost

The Adventurer’s Set includes:

  • Adventurer’s Flower: A resilient flower that withstood the harsh environment of an ancient city.
  • Adventurer’s Tail Feather: The feather of a rarely seen exotic bird.
  • Adventurer’s Pocket Watch: A handy timepiece essential when embarking on sunless adventures.
  • Adventurer’s Golden Goblet: A treasured find from an adventurous expedition, despite minor damages.
  • Adventurer’s Bandana: A forehead garment teeming with an adventurer’s pride, notwithstanding the sweat and dust.

The Lucky Dog Set includes:

  • Lucky Dog’s Clove: A four-leaf clover believed to bestow good fortune.
  • Lucky Dog’s Eagle Feather: A feather dropped by a hunting eagle, carrying the good luck of the saved adventurer.
  • Lucky Dog’s Hourglass: A broken hourglass signifying timelessness to the worry-free.
  • Lucky Dog’s Goblet: A splendid metallic vessel with a unique thief-knocking history.
  • Lucky Dog’s Silver Circlet: A memento from a serendipitous find of a treasure trove in a cave.

The Traveling Doctor’s Set

  • Traveling Doctor’s Silver Lotus: A cherished medicinal ingredient, unfortunately stripped of its medicinal properties over the years.
  • Traveling Doctor’s Owl Feather: A durable feather symbolizing the nocturnal supremacy that provided courage to the Traveling Doctor during late-night patient visits.
  • Traveling Doctor’s Pocket Watch: A precision instrument underscoring the importance of every second for a doctor.
  • Traveling Doctor’s Medicine Pot: A pot that formerly contained potent concoctions, still exuding a strong medicinal aroma.
  • Traveling Doctor’s Handkerchief: A multifunctional item used for tying back the doctor’s hair during treatments or as an emergency sling for injuries.

The Heart of Comradeship Set

  • Heart of Comradeship: A petite cerulean flower, graced with someone’s ribbon.
  • Feather of Homecoming: A blue arrow fletching carrying the sentiments of returning travelers.
  • Sundial of the Sojourner: An enduring sundial silently recording the solar and lunar cycles.
  • Goblet of the Sojourner: A modest porcelain goblet once overflowing with joyous brews.
  • Crown of Parting: A reed coronet radiating the freshness of the spring breeze.

The Tiny Miracle’s Set

  • Tiny Miracle’s Flower: A tenacious flower that sprouted from a rock, piercing through stone to reach for the light.
  • Tiny Miracle’s Feather: A feather from a swift predatory bird, barely visible to the human eye.
  • Tiny Miracle’s Hourglass: A regular hourglass faithfully marking the passing of time.
  • Tiny Miracle’s Goblet: A common fortune-telling cup, also practical for holding water.
  • Tiny Miracle’s Earrings: A budget accessory ingeniously made from ancient meteoric ore.

The Berserker’s Set

  • Berserker’s Rose: A stunning flower tinted red, embodying the Berserker’s traits.
  • Berserker’s Indigo Feather: An indigo feather from a legendary raven, partially dyed in a bold crimson.
  • Berserker’s Timepiece: A relentless device, a stark reminder to the Berserker of his fleeting time in battle and life.
  • Berserker’s Bone Goblet: A goblet carved from an unidentified beast’s bone, serving as a memento from a perilous encounter.
  • Berserker’s Battle Mask: A grotesque iron mask partially shattered from intense battles.

The Instructor’s Set

  • Instructor’s Brooch: A token worn by the instructor on days without training sessions.
  • Instructor’s Feather Accessory: A mandatory accessory for instructors skilled in conflict de-escalation.
  • Instructor’s Pocket Watch: A stopwatch reserved not for standard timekeeping, but to time training durations.
  • Instructor’s Tea Cup: A seemingly ordinary teacup bearing the emblem of the instructor’s authority to students.

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