10 Best Characters to Level to 90 Guide in Ginshen Impact

In our thorough guide on the 10 best characters to ascend to level 90 in Genshin Impact, we’re going to delve into the top-notch characters of the game, which merit surpassing the level 80 threshold to reach level 90. This guide doesn’t purport to be a character power ranking or a tier list, but instead, offers counsel on efficient resource management and tactics to optimize the daily Resin output. This advice becomes crucial considering the steep surge in resources required for leveling each character from 80 to 90; coupled with the minute damage increase yielded by the final ten character levels. Thus, it’s recommended to proceed with the last “Ascension,” but avoid leveling beyond that point.

However, there are exceptions to this rule, hence this list intends to elucidate the characters truly deserving of complete leveling. If you’ve been uncertain about the best utilization of your remaining resources, this Genshin Impact guide is designed for you!

Decoding the Top 10 Characters to Ascend to Level 90 in Genshin Impact

This guide is a part of our comprehensive “Top/Best” series, initiated with the “10 Best Talents To Crown Guide”. The series aims to assist both novice and veteran players in judiciously allocating resources and determining the best areas of investment.

The leveling materials, in the form of experience books, are universally required by all characters. The total number of books required to level a character from zero to level 80 includes 244 Hero’s Wit, 11 Adventurer’s Experience, and 8 Wanderer’s Advice. The consumption of these books is not instantaneous as your adventure rank (account level) needs to advance first. However, the progression of a character from level 80 to 90 demands a staggering 171 Hero’s Wit. Such an amount can completely level up new characters from zero to 70, or upgrade two characters from 70 to 80 and beyond. This makes the decision to level any character to 90 quite daunting.

Besides experience books, Mora is another valuable resource used to level up characters. Specifically, a whopping 684,800 Mora is required to level a single character from 80 to 90. Balancing the use of Mora and experience books requires about 5 days worth of Resin. These days, the majority of Resin is typically spent on farming Leylines straight, bypassing weekly bosses, world bosses, or artifact domains.

This process is undoubtedly expensive, and in many cases, the returns are minimal. For characters that mainly scale with the Attack stat, leveling to 90 only yields a modest 10~20 flat Attack. Unless the character gains additional advantages from leveling, this is simply a drain of resources. This guide aims to provide insights into which unique characters receive this slight edge from max level compared to others. It’s worth noting that these characters don’t necessarily have to be superior main DPS or carriers.


Venti is an exceptional character who justifies the investment in resources to level up to 90. The sole reason being his ability to maximize Elemental Reaction damage. As an Anemo character, Venti has the unique ability to absorb an additional element and apply both Anemo + chosen element rapidly. Coupled with his substantial AOE, he can accumulate enemies for an intensified effect on AOE reactions. Venti is the ideal candidate for a full Elemental Mastery build, maximizing the damage dealt by transformative reactions. Particularly since Anemo characters can leverage Viridescent Venerer to reduce enemy resistances, thereby enhancing damage.

Transformative reactions are not governed by character damage or talent level but are influenced by Elemental Mastery and character level.


Hu Tao: An Unconventional Powerhouse

Although Hu Tao’s damage scaling might initially seem baffling, seasoned gamers won’t be taken aback. Defying the norm of high Attack stat for five-star, primary DPS characters in the game, Hu Tao sports a remarkably low base Attack stat. Consequently, she doesn’t rely heavily on her Attack stat for boosting DPS but uses alternative methods instead. She has no qualms about this as all her talents are scaled with the maximum HP stat, and further scaling ensues when her HP falls below 50%.

HP scaling surpasses Attack scaling in efficiency, making Hu Tao’s optimal weapon a provider of an additional HP-based multiplier. As a result, with an HP/Pyro/Crit build, she emerges as a formidable primary DPS character. Given that the benefits of HP don’t start declining until a high threshold is reached, Hu Tao enjoys significant gains by leveling up to 90. The HP bonus from 80 to 90 is more considerable than Attack, aligning perfectly with her abilities.

Sangonomiya Kokomi: Balancing Healing and Damage

Kokomi takes her healing powers and damage scaling from the HP stat, ensuring marginally better gains from leveling to 90. Although her damage is underwhelming and her boosted healing is typically unnecessary for the most challenging encounters in Genshin, leveling Kokomi to 90 remains a viable recommendation.

In November 2021, with the 2.3 patch, the significance of healing scaling was elevated. This patch introduced a new set that records both healing and over-healing values, subsequently releasing them as damage. Consequently, healing a fully healed team indirectly boosts damage, an area where Kokomi excels.

Albedo: The Post-Patch Powerhouse

Albedo’s power surge in patch 2.3 is noteworthy. The patch brought him a new top-tier weapon, accessible to all players, and a new artifact set. Both these upgrades aimed at enhancing Albedo’s Def percentage, meaning an increase in his base Def resulted in augmented power.

As one of the highest base Def stat characters in the game, Albedo’s defense scaling surpasses even %Attack. He becomes one of the few characters that gain substantial DPS from leveling up to 90, relying primarily on his Elemental Skill for damage infliction and scarcely using an Elemental Burst. This ensures constant damage uptime and, coupled with Geo resonance, results in Geo resistance reduction.

Xinyan: The Rising Underdog

Xinyan’s evolution might surprise many, as she has developed five distinct builds over time: Physical main carry, burst support, pure Def Shield bot, pure EM Overload, and hybrid shield bot/Overload. Among these, three builds scale better with levels and benefit significantly from level 90, especially the hybrid build that enhances both Xinyan’s shield and Overload damage.

Despite being often overshadowed by more DPS-focused Pyro characters, Xinyan retains her niche, fulfilling a commendable role. When Zhongli is established as the main carry build, Xinyan can take up a hybrid role and employ Sucrose’s taser using her pure EM build. However, in her shield bot role, she faces stiff competition from the new character Thoma.

Yanfei: The Versatile Range

Yanfei, another character capable of integrating into an Overload team, is the ranged counterpart of the Overload Meta, with fewer caveats compared to Xinyan. An option is to build Yanfei entirely on Elemental Mastery. Nonetheless, she boasts several other builds relying on direct damage and Crit stats, making the decision to level up Yanfei to 90 contingent upon the build you opt for.

Yanfei: Master of Reactions

Playing Yanfei right can lead to potent Overload reactions, especially with her in the lead and efficiently controlling both Fischl and Beidou. An alternative build is the Over-Vaporize variant, where Yanfei facilitates both Vaporize and Overload reactions. Generally, these teams are designed for AOE purposes, and the actual damage is attributed to the shotgun mechanics of Overload. Even though the damage increase from level 90 may seem insignificant on the surface, keep in mind that this damage is repetitively applied, enhancing its impact.

Noelle: The Resolute Defender

Much like Albedo, Noelle’s scaling is defense-based, benefiting from the recent buff in Genshin Impact’s version 2.3. However, Noelle lacks Albedo’s flexibility. She’s confined to the role of the main carry, and any team that doesn’t position her as such is a misfit. This confines her utility, further compounded by the absolute need for C6 to function optimally.

Nevertheless, for dedicated Noelle players who favor Geo main DPS, she is a formidable damage dealer. Noelle specializes in AOE, but she’s fully capable of clearing single-target floors such as a lone Maguu Kenki boss. She is a well-rounded package: a healer, a shielder, a main DPS, and a tank. With C6, her entire kit scales with defense, eliminating split scaling. This ensures that leveling her to 90 will invariably benefit her. However, before reaching C6, it’s advisable to moderate investments in Noelle.

Kaedehara Kazuha: The Wind Whisperer

Kazuha, like Venti, is an Anemo support who inclines towards a full EM build, or rather an ER/EM/EM build, due to his energy constraints absent in Venti. Depending on the setup, Kazuha can offer a superior buff to allies and deliver comparable or slightly reduced swirl damage relative to Venti. His gathering capabilities are inferior, so he’s better suited to teams that don’t overly rely on the shotgun approach. Nonetheless, in all circumstances, Kazuha’s personal damage significantly adds to the team DPS, making leveling him to 90 a justifiable decision.

Swirl damage is a transformative reaction scaling with level. Thus, an Anemo character who can infuse other elements and deal off-field damage is always favored for leveling to 90.

Sucrose: The Elemental Mixer

The third Anemo and four-star character in this list, Sucrose, enjoys the advantage of not requiring any of her talents leveled. Leveling her to 90 isn’t a resin-intensive affair but rather a sensible move.

Sucrose’s Anemo can infuse another element and deal off-field damage – traits shared with Kazuha and Venti. Additionally, she possesses the unique utility of sharing a fraction of her EM with team members. This makes her a superior choice for transformative reaction teams, such as Electrocharged and Overload teams, or teams that rely on numerous reactions instead of just one.

Raiden Shogun: The Divine Support

The Electro Archon is a competent support and burst DPS simultaneously. She offers a damage multiplier to her team, recharges their energy, and collaborates on an AOE electro attack. Neither her damage multiplier nor her energy sharing derive any benefits from level 90. Nonetheless, there’s an alternative Raiden build that focuses entirely on Elemental Mastery to capitalize on Electro reactions rather than direct DPS.

In this build, Raiden is the lone Electro character, with other elements applied more frequently to establish a Hydro or Pyro aura. Raiden then triggers either Overload or Electrocharged reactions with her off-field skill.

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